Denver Wild Animal Sanctuary Is The Largest And Oldest Of It’s Kind.

Located to the North East of Denver, Colorado is the Wild Animal Sanctuary Organization (TWAS), founded in 1980, the sanctuary is the oldest and largest of its kind. With over 700 acres the sanctuary provides 450 carnivores homes for their entire lifetime. The sanctuary’s habitats are designed specifically for each species, in large acreage areas. TWAS rescues large carnivores such as tigers, bears, lions, wolves, leopards, and mountain lions, and gives them a good life for as long as they live. TWAS is also committed to educating the public on the captive wildlife crisis, and helping find solutions that will make a difference for both humans and wildlife. If you come across some dangerous wild animals in your backyard don’t try to remove them yourself. Urgently call a licensed wildlife and pest Denver company servicing your area.

One might wonder why such a large sanctuary is needed for such large dangerous animals in the United States, and it’s a question that should be asked, as well as answered. Sadly, wild animals kept in private homes as pets, circuses, and roadside zoos, sometimes outnumber the species existence in the world, there are over 4000 pet tigers in Texas alone! Eventually, these animals become overwhelming for private owners and are abandoned or forfeited, others are confiscated due to abuse, and neglect. Happily, TWAS is here to rescue these animals and give them a happy, comfortable life.

Many of The Wild Animal Sanctuary residents have come from the entertainment industry. Most people are unaware that in the movie industry for every animal that is seen on the big screen, there are about 20-30 animals that don’t make the cut. Some wild animals are bred specifically to be used in movies, then when they refuse or stop working with their trainers they are discarded carelessly. TWAS has rescued many animals that have been bred, used, abused, and discarded in this manner. All over the world zoos, sanctuaries, circuses, and other various places and people have wildlife they can not properly care for. When these animals are either confiscated or voluntarily surrendered TWAS is there to rescue them and give them happy homes. Below is a list of some of the residents TWAS is now home to.

Mara is a lion from the movie industry, refused to work with trainers when she was around two years old and was forfeited to TWAS.

Masia is another lion from the movie industry, that was confiscated by the California Fish and Game authorities.

Doc and Gypsy are two horses that were rescued from a Canadian pharmaceutical company. These companies keep mares pregnant continuously to collect their urine. The urine from pregnant mares is used by pharmaceutical companies to create estrogen replacement drugs. TWAS rescued these two beautiful horses and provides them with a loving home.

You can find more information about The Wild Animal Sanctuary on their website